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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bamboo Garden
1707 Church St.
Decatur, GA

Don't let the outside of this restaurant dictate what's insided! This restaurant located in the [very grungy] Scott Center Shopping Village is not just your typical chinese restaurant.
Evolved from both Calcutta and Bombay you could call this chinese with a kick (maybe more like a sucker punch) of Indian spices.

For an appetizer we ordered the Spicy Nutty Crunch - having no idea what that really was as the menu didn't get in to the specifics on this particular dish. What it turned out to be was fried bean sprouts, cashews with [of course] tiny, tiny green peppers that blew our socks off.

(Little did we know that these peppers would start appearing in everything else we ordered)
For entree's we had Szechaun beef and Goo Loo Chicken. Both dishes were excellent as well as spicy. The beef had not only the small green peppers but also red peppers as well. The chicken was similar to General Tao's chicken - fried crispy with a tangy/spicy sauce and peppers.

We ordered a bottle of wine that was unmemorable to me as I drank 3 glasses of water in one sitting. I recommend bringing kleenex and wearing a short sleeved shirt as my girlfriend and I were both sweating and my nose was running. I asked her if it would be bad if I blew my nose on my cloth napkin and she said "Yes, probably" The wait staff (which were very attentive) came over and asked us if everything was ok and if it was spicy enough and we both croaked "It's great!"

So, if you like spicy food - this is the place to go! Spicy - go big or go home!!


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