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Monday, June 19, 2006

THE grape
Atlantic Station
264 19th Street
Atlanta, GA 30363

(404) 815-0090

While shopping at Atlantic Station a few weekends ago we decided to pop in to this place and check it out.

First of all, the atmosphere was great! Low lighting, comfortable chairs. Our hostess seated us away from the other patrons of the restaurant which is something I really appreciate when being seated.

Next, we were give a menu of wines. This could be a little intimidating and overwhelming at first if one doesn't know anything about wine. However, the waitstaff anticipates this and is very helpful in choosing wines. I can't speak for the other waitstaff, but our waiter had tried quite a few wines on the menu and was able to direct us to a selection.

All the wines on the menu went from $3/glass to $9/glass. What is a really good deal is to choose three wines tastings at a "tasting" price. We decided to do just that and both tasted an array of Pino's and Shirah's. Once the wines were brought out the waiter set them down on a sheet of paper he printed out that listed the wines chosen. The tastings were a generous pour and all together it came to be about a glass and 1/2 of wine.

We then ordered a few appetizer off the menu - the smoked salmon is to die for if you like that sort of thing. The crab cakes were also a delight and a generous serving.

The bill came to mid $60 range which, like, Krog bar I think a little high but I felt the portions were a lot more generous in this place. I would definitely go back! We need one of these in Decatur!


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