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Friday, June 23, 2006

Taco's and Coooffee Talk

My friend and I went to Taqueria Del Sol in Decatur to have dinner. It was a good night for me because they were finally serving my favorite taco – “The Bob” (Fried shrimp with crayfish mayonnaise, lettuce and pickled jalapenos in a flour tortilla). I had been checking their website for weeks waiting for them to serve it again. After practically inhaling both my “Bobs”, my friend and I started discussing all the places in Decatur that didn’t make sense. You know, those stores that are in prime Decatur locations but no one seems to ever go in there and you wonder how they stay open. Our conversation eventually took us to coffee places. Now coffee is a weakness for both of us. Typically, what happens is we discuss our favorite coffee places and always have to disagree with at least one of each other's places. But, tonight we both agreed on one thing:


That is really one of my pet peeves about some coffee houses that either you have to pay for it or it’s unavailable. Plus, coffee and laptops go together! Over half the people you see in a coffee house HAS a laptop and is working on it. People go to coffee places all the time to work, relax and work, drink coffee and work. So, why is this a difficult thing? Do the coffee shops worry about how much it costs to install free WI-FI? I mean, they make 300% profit on that cup of grande’ coffee they sell you. Even McDonalds has free wi-fi!
I mean, really, come on people, get with the program here!!

One day I found myself in Java Monkey getting a cup of joe. Looking around you ALWAYS see people with laptops in this place. I happened to ask the Barista if they had wi-fi and she spouted off “No! If we had free wi-fi people would just hang out all day and only get one cup of coffee and we’d never get rid of them! More people should read books in here NOT tap on their laptops! It’s so annoying!” Ok. This was the very last time I was ever going to this place. Not only very weak coffee out of a “carafe” but also a bitchy barista – nothing worse that that!

My friend and I both agree that our favorite coffee places (despite no free wi-fi!) are the Starbucks in Virginia Highlands (for her) and the Starbucks in downtown Decatur (for me). Both places the barista’s are great! They greet you when you walk in the door and they are always “on the ball” in service. Even when you find yourself behind some woman who is ordering some concoction that has 10 different words that go with the drink and picking out “the perfect” bun in the window “No, the one in the middle, no, not that one, nope, THAT ONE!” Fortunately, the servers can see your exasperation a mile away and say, “Can I get a drink started for you?” and have that drink in your hand that you are sipping long before the woman in front of you finishes digging out that last penny from the change purse (and forget the tip on this one). You go up to pay and that’s when you put $2 in the tip jar because it was worth you not having to strangle that woman. Does everyone know where I am coming from now? And, you know your coffee is fresh brewed and is HOT. And, don’t give me that “corporate coffee” or “their beans are addictive” b.s. I do not let politics interfere with my coffee and me and as far as addiction goes – there are worse things to be addicted to thankyouverymuch!


At 8:59 AM, Blogger afuntanilla said...

great post. of course, i completely agree. free wi-fi in places like mcdonalds and hotels does us coffee lovers no good!!


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